D-A-I-Y-E Spa

Cream Ale

Earth to Matilda, this is our sud soda riff on spa water. So hot right now. This ambi-turner is part Kolsch and part Cream Ale, smooth and light bready base. From there we added 50 lbs of the the botanical berry better known as the cucumber and a fistful of mint sprigs. Essence of the thirst-quenching gourd lingers from green cucumber melon rind to vegetable sweet with the scent and hint of cool fresh mint.

COLOR: Dew on Sunbeam

ABV: 5.4%

OG: 1.048

MALT: Pilsner, Pale, Wheat

HOPS: Magnum, Hallertauer Mittelfrueh

YEAST: Kolsch & Cal Lager

MISC: Cucumbers, Mint, Lemon