I'm Seein' Robots


Straight fitted IPA. Comes real sticky. Strata hops gettin raw with pilsner, spelt, wheat and swiping at the dusty funk vibin’ from Sabro, Huell Melon and El Dorado hops. So mug up, this is fuel for the creators, the ponderers, a study in straight hopulrgy. Smells like vanilla tea, coconut, melon and mango purees. Tastes like passionfruit, white wine, gummi peach rings, mango-tinted sweetness, watermelon ice cream and lemony tropical terpenes.

COLOR: Pineapple Jelly

ABV: 6.8%

HOPS: Strata, Sabro, Huell Melon and El Dorado

YEAST: English