The Waiting


Take it on faith and take it to the heart. We blended a 100% Brettanomyces anomla IPA constructed of pale malt & triticale, DH w/ Huell Melon, Sabro & Mosaic with our Waiting saison base, crafted w/ German & Belgian pilsners, rye flakes and spelt malt, fermented with a classic Saison strain as well as Brett Brux and Brett anomala. Notable acidity, feel the funk blast on the waft. Smells like yucca drink, passion fruit lemonade and fermented pineapple. Tastes like a mixed melon cup, citron candied fruit, sour lime hard candy drops and herbal orange tea with pineapple slices.

COLOR: Morning Farm

ABV: 7.5%

OG: 1.058

HOPS: Cascade, Crystal, CTZ, Nugget

YEAST: House Saison