Deserted Village: Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee, American Oak Spirals & Cinnamon


We’re ringin’ the diner bell at the Deserted Village yet again. Our Imperial Stout base, silky smooth, dark, bold, with rich chocolate and layers of coffee still sitting at the helm, but we unfurled a new guest list of secondary ingredients; Bourbon barrel aged medium roasted Columbian coffee and dark roasted African & Indonesian beans from our friends at Homestead Roasters, French Vanilla oak chips, local artisan chocolate from Je Emanuel and bruleed cinnamon sticks. Result is a king-of-the mountain flavor situation, everything battling in harmony to tickle your taste buds. Notes of smoky almond, dark cacao chocolate, vanilla candy, oak tannin, sweet & roasted coffee plus caramelized bourbon.

COLOR: Diner Coffee

ABV: 9.5% ABV

OG: 1.093

MALT: Pale, Chocolate, Crystal, Oats, Wheat, Roasted Barley

HOPS: Cascade, Nugget

YEAST: House

MISC: Bourbon barrel aged coffee, American oak spirals & bruleed cinnamon sticks