Foggiest Notion


The universe…what a concept. We don’t get wrapped up in the physics of it, every star has a sister star, big dipster and the little dipster, you have groundmen's center right here and then you have undiscovered worlds and uh, um and sector 8 and up here is tittleman's crest so you can kinda picture it's a little bit like a leaf or uhh, umm, it's not a bowl. This Lactose IPA, however, is bowl worthy, its dairy green. Sleek, sweet and smooth and fluffed and folded with Lemondrop, Citra, & Mosaic hops, little lemon peel in the whirlpool for some acid edges. Notes of meyer lemon, melon meringue, grapefruit milk punch.

ABV: 7.3%

OG: 1.072

HOPS: Citra, Lemon Drop, & Mosaic

YEAST: English

MISC: Contains Lactose