Ghoulish Overkill


Pouring some nuzzy, guzzy, fresh and fuzzy for all the scary Terry’s and noon noobs up in the spot. It’s like an IPA and a kettle sour had a baby and raised it on a hop farm . Oh geez, oh man, this one’s got some puckery acidity and juicy citrus hop flavor. We blended a Lactose IPA full of Lemondrop, Citra and Mosaic hops with a prickly tart kettle sour and boo ya’... a balance of flavor, sweetness, aromatics, and acidity with notes of mango, peach, nectarine. Yogurty sweet funk with a tart apricot candy nose.

ABV: 6.0%

MALT: Pale, Pilsner, Oats, Wheat & Crystal

HOPS: Lemondrop, Citra & Mosaic

MISC: Lactose