Bee Leash


Our Billet Doux to Saisons. Simple, drinkable, refreshing elegance showcasing the critical agricultural mission of the comb builders and pollen foragers who cooperate for the common good of the hive, the honey bees. We blended in some French Saison yeast to our house strain to twist in some pepper notes to the fruity golden nectar and added local wildflower honey two times. This is harmony in labor, American and Belgian pale malts, German wheat and corn coalesce into collective deliciousness. Dry, sleek and nourishing. Notes of honey, grain and caramel bread, black pepper, crushed apples, plum and apricots, clove and tart wheat.

ABV: 5.5%

OG: 1.048

YEAST: Saison

MISC: Wildflower Honey