Neglect Emotionally


The looks, the legend...the irresistible waltz knows no bounds…but we suspect you already knew that so hold your sarcastic slow claps for the end. It’s good, it’s sweet, it’s the Golden God of IPAs and it’s following you…in a good way. Perfect form, fluid fast stride, like a beautiful, beautiful gazelle person. Feel that stride, perfect symmetry, prepare to experience magic. Blend of Belgian Pale and American 2-row, championed with spelt, oats and raw wheat. Notes of prowling coconut fruit salad, handsome companionship of orange slices, the bodywork of lime and pithy lemon, and pineapple seizing the gaps.

ABV: 7.6%

MALT: Belgian Pale, American 2-row, Spelt, Oats & Raw Wheat

HOPS: Bru-1, Motueka, Lemondrop, & Cashmere