Nosh: Zappa


“Explore the possibilities and transcend its’ limits,” Uncle Frank inspires us to harness our inner freak icon and embrace the modicum of free form with our experimental approach to single hopped hoppy zoot allured IPA. The mother of this invention is Zappa hops, grown exclusively by CLS Farms, Zappa is a 100% neomexicanus aroma hop from the mountains of New Mexico. We know a masterpiece when we hear it and this hop is an unassailable, orchestral, surreal fruit salad collage. Our resident White Airhead en regalia, notes of blue java banana, pineapple in Easter hay, purple drink (grape soda), midori, mixed berry Tropicana, melon, fruity pebbles with spicy resiny ends.

ABV: 7%

OG: 1.061

HOPS: Zappa

YEAST: English