Curious Grizz


You don’t look like a Shirley. How bout Griz? Beer time Griz! Nobody puts Griz in a bag…And so it was that we put it on ourselves to teach our little bears the way of the Grisette. Our interpretation of historical Grisette (think cousin of a Saison), is comprised of floor malted pilsner, unmalted wheat, spelt and chit malt, a sure footed dry hop of Grungeist (a new-ish German aroma hop) and blended French & Belgian yeast. Learn the ways of the Griz. Light, refreshing, blow the froth off a few. Notes of sweet grain, bready with crusted edges, lemon zest, peach tea, and passion fruit coulis.

ABV: 5.4%

HOPS: Grungeist