Separate Entirely


You can do it Dennis because you’re a winner and you haven’t peaked…you haven’t even begun to peak. But you’ll peak today. We’ll peak all over everyone. Make it work Dennis. The denouement of the irresistible waltz is upon us, the climax of the lupulin wired chain of events and the Golden god releases himself back into the ineffable game. We’ve chiseled out one last IPA fine-tuned for your hoppy hearts to lust upon. American pale ale malt, bready and smooth, flaked and malted oats to provide that satisfaction of adjunct relaxation. Citra, Nelson Sauvin and Idaho 7 hops creep up in and out every nook, every cranny. Notes of unripe mango, with a dank and mossy coping, apricoty, some grapefruit esque bitterness.

ABV: 7.1%

HOPS: Citra, Nelson Sauvin & Idaho 7