Demon Barber

Pale Ale

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to The Grave…how about a shave? Fancy a classic English Pale Ale? Some session panache? This is that magical elixir, to do the trick sir. Get a drop of this is in your mug and awake from your tizz’. Golden Promise malt at your service, tis’ a stimulatingly refreshing pint cohesively turning together. Neat and tidy with a nice plump malty frame.Flutter of toasted almond, stylish trimming of classic caramel candies. Full, sweet with a sauntering hoppy dryness in the round courtesy of 100% Stryrian Goldings in the whirlpool. What’s your rush, what’s your hurry, grab a pint ya’ Groggy Wallace. Notes of summer fruits (peach & apricot), orange marmalade on toast, and slightly heated caramel crystals.

ABV: 4.7%

HOPS: Fuggle & Styrian Golding

YEAST: English