Moose Bumps


This is robotron comin’ down the turnpike with gluon’ saucer lights on, so kiss earth and land goodbye. We’re assembling philosophies to bump n’ grind with planetessimals through time wave zer0. Loopin’ beats of new age and old-world wiggle, Citra boom bap and the Early Burgundy, Tardif de Bourgogne hops. Sabro sneakin’ winks, twirling up its hips and strutting curvy through the dew. So mug up, this is fuel for the creators, the ponderers, a study in straight hopulrgy. Notes of honey dew, lavender over melons, tangerine and strawberry seed.

ABV: 6.4%

HOPS: Tardif de Bourgogne, Sabro, & Citra

YEAST: English