Set the Vector: Wet Hop Idaho 7


Fresh hop anti-parallel vectors. Endlessly turning inward everything is synchronized in chaos, always ready to mirror. American pale malt, chit, oats, barley flakes, red rice, rye and wheats. The vibration from three Saison strains and wild type saccharomyces converge with wild glands of wet hop magic from Idaho 7 hops. Picked off the vine and shipped overnight across the country from our sticky-fingered friends at Crosby Farms in Woodburn Oregon. A funky cornucopia. Notes reminiscent of a walk through a hop field, garden woods, spice, earth, lupulin vines, dewey…eewey…it’s wild up in here.

ABV: 7.6%

MALT: Barley, Chit, Wheat, Oats, Rye & Puffed Red Rice

HOPS: Rakau, Saphir & Idaho 7

YEAST: Saison Blend