Blue Flowers


Assembling philosophies with some eastern gangstagras up in Hoppalachia. We’ve come prepared to pick blue flowers in the purple pasture by the purple pond. It’s raining green wiggles through the astral jukebox, Barbe Rogue hops straight static free & El Dorado getting’ spanky in the ionosphere. Sabro’s leaning on the back end, conspicuously thick. Born right here in our time. So mug up, this is fuel for the creators, the ponderers, a study in straight hopulrgy. Notes of the sweet elements, grapefruit spiked orangina, blackcurrant pepper spice, cherry and mango in the backsplash.

ABV: 6.4%

MALT: Pilsner, Crystal Oats, Pale, Dextrine & Munich

HOPS: Barbe Rogue & El Dorado

YEAST: English