Just Mashin' It

Pale Ale

The gang brews a hoppy ass Pale Ale. Thanks to the crew at Widowmaker Brewing for coming down to brew and honor the couth of the unwieldy one. The Warthog, Frankie Donkey Brains, The Muscle, Ongo, the Man-cheetah. This hoppy from the block is str8 finger lickin’. Blended some full-flavored pale malts with white wheat, oat flakes and malted oats, spiked it with Sabro, Strata, Simcoe Cryo and that rich goodness of Mexican orange blossom honey. Notes of cool citrus, coconut cake, and orange slices in honey bunches of oats.

ABV: 6.2%

MALT: Pale, Flaked Oats, Oat malt, & White Wheat

HOPS: Strata, Simcoe Cryo & Sabro

YEAST: English