Day Works


We’re talking tanks, pergola post-ups, pool noodles, trail-side, dock-side, backyard picnic cold chillin’, and volleyball on the beach (cue playing with the boys and get your slow motion backwards hi-fives flying). Star of the show is a custom yeast strain from our new friends at Berkeley Brewing Science from the Bay Area which is “infused brewer’s yeast with DNA from basil and mint, two plants that naturally produce hop-flavored terpenes”, the same aroma compounds that hops produce. Drinkable, fuzzy and bright, approachable and refreshing. Notes of watermelon, rose water, citrus accords, subtle spice, lemon verbena, and doughy crackers.

COLOR: Under the Sun

ABV: 5.8

OG: 1.050

MALT: Pale, Wheat

HOPS: Lemondrop, Amarillo

YEAST: American