Here There Be Monsters: Coconut


The foremast climbs out of the Tasman Sea horizon. Black sails catch a gust & chart a course towards giants in the ocean canyons……..Ya’ best start believin’ in ghost stories…you’re in one ?! Cut-throats, humble swabs, captains, scalawags…it matters not. This is an everlasting exchange w/ what lies beneath the deep. So, drink up me 'earties!! IPA lapped w/ American Pilsner malt, English Pale, white wheat, raw and malted oats inclined to acquiesce yer hoppy parch with a dry hop of Vic Secret, Motueka, Rakau & Wakutu and an addition of toasted coconut. Coconut up front with notes of peach & nectarine, vanilla cake, lime zest, little honey and hay underneath.

ABV: 8.1%

HOPS: Vic Secret, Motueka, Rakau & Wakutu

YEAST: English Ale