Copper Cups


We can still sail along the Summer breeze so we’ve reached for our Saison conch shell and sounded the alarm. We aim to keep the patio parties alive, the fire pits ablaze, and the fizzy punch flowing. Smooth-phisticated mixed-culture Saison hammered with dried hibiscus petals & cracked black peppercorns in the whirlpool, fermented on pink guava puree and dried Persian limes. Smells like Kaffir Lime leaves, mixed wild berries, and boysenberry. Tastes like cranberry juice, raspberry, blueberry, hibiscus limeade, star anise, & sweet guava.

ABV: 9.3%

YEAST: Mixed-Culture

MISC: Hibiscus, Guava, Black Peppercorns & Persian Limes