Power Chords & Minor Keys

Pale Ale

It’s our job to keep pale ales elite. We do it with no helmets, gear or mouthpieces with a 9mm and a three-piece suit. As per yoozh, this hoppy ass lil’ cretin has the guts & teeth of an IPA and the pillowy billowed pants of chit, rye and oat flakes. Delivered to your door in a milk crate. It’s more hoppy-betterness. Let’s wear the soles out of those pale ale party boots. Dan says it smells like a bunch a’ melons. Wafts of pineapple, passionfruit, caramelized peaches & apricots.Tastes like lemon, lime, cookie dough tropical milkshake & spicy papaya drink. *contains lactose

ABV: 6.0

MALT: English

HOPS: Strata, Ekuanot Cryo, Motueka