Mia Had a Little Lam


This is the hoppy little monkey, the hoppy little nugget, the hoppy bundle of joy inspired IPA. Brewed to celebrate “the kid”, Meli. Hi babe! Posted up on grain bags to tearin’ ass where she damn well pleases. Shoutin’ Pam! She is the princess in this castle, so we celebrate and hail! Love ya Frank Daddy and Mamma Mia! Featuring one of Franks darling combos, Mosaic & Belma this IPA is drinkable to the final drop and giving us a wildcard of berry flavors from foam, to nose to lips to the taste buds. Bouncy conveyance of malted oats, unmalted wheat & wheat flakes with pale malt mixed with New England blended yeast. Result is a dry-ish IPA with notes of blueberry preserve, strawberry seed, dough and candy boysenberry.

ABV: 6.9%

OG: 1.058

MALT: Pale, Pilsner, Oats, Munich

HOPS: Mosaic & Belma

YEAST: English