(Read in your best Sam Elliot voice). His mantra, “Handle ur biz.” Guided by the sage of two different oppositions (The New England IPA and the West Coast DIPA) the dude stands at the foot of a great mountain, and gazes toward the peak obscured by clouds. He begins his ascent. At the summit, a glistening keg of American Double IPA sticky with Citra, Amarillo & Galaxy hops. The dude drinks it in. The rich, dank, sweetness guides him and for those seeking hoppy asylum the dude can be your spirit walker. And wherever he goes, the hoppy winds follow. Notes of bitter orange, melon rind, ripe passionfruit, with a sweet malt fullness from English pale malts.

COLOR: Papaya Whip

ABV: 9.5%

OG: 1.071

HOPS: Galaxy, Citra, Amarillo

YEAST: English