Proper Quaff

Belgian Ale

Inexplicably majestic and alluring like a proper quaff. This sui generis Belgian Style-Ale has an american pale malt base. An intriguing and intoxicatingly unique kinship of tart/ripe grapefruit and dried apricot juiced out by the Brux Trois yeast as well as subtle clove and tempered spice from Ardennes yeast. To round out the flavor carousel a whirlpool addition of Rakau and Opal hops shell out some sour peach spicy zinged jam and fleeting balsam. Heartily quaff!

COLOR: Peach Wheat

ABV: 7.9%

OG: 1.068

MALT: Pale, Wheat, Munich, Dextrose

HOPS: EKG, Opal, Rakau

YEAST: House Belgian Blend