Pale Ale

I edited and cleaned up the descrip if you want to reflect on website Here’s homegrown Pale Ale. Clincher reminds us why we do what we do, that everyday is a blessing and that tasty beer is meant to be drank down with good folk, family and friends. This sucker is power chords and melodies, hops beat the malt to the punch, this is Vic Secret & Mosaic hops wrung the F out. Honeydew melon and mango fruit roll-up. Clean and refreshingly bitter. Stay True!

COLOR: Sun Shower

ABV: 5.4%

OG: 1.056

MALT: Pale, Pilsner, Red Wheat, White Wheat, Crystal, Dextrose

HOPS: Warrior, Mosaic, & Vic Secret

YEAST: English