"Guavishing" Rick Rude


Prepare for a Rood Awakening. Medium-bodied lager malt, German wheat, triticale & puffed jasmine rice fermented with Cal Lager yeast on tequila barrel oak chips conditioned with pink guava & lime puree. Make a beermosa, eat some tacos, slushy it up or crowler to the dome...just do it by the pool or the backyard BBQ. Smells like pink guava margarita, melon, passionfruit, & lime. Tastes like Jarritos lime & guava soda, limeade, melon, cinnamon as it warms.

ABV: 5.0%

OG: 1.051

MALT: Wheat, Triticale & Puffed Jasmine Rice

YEAST: American

MISC: Guava & Lime Puree