Deserted Village: Coffee, Cacao Nibs, Baker's Chocolate


Return to the Deserted Village, stout #2 in the series, imperial style. This is death by chocolate and a cup of Joe. Combo of Lazy Sunday Boxwood roasters coffee beans, Belgian cacao, Peruvian Criollo chocolate nibs and roasted malt. In this end we have size-able carriage, sweet and bitter coffee edges, faintly smoky, smothered & covered in sweet dark chocolates with a kiss of booze. Unabashedly luscious.

COLOR: Diner Coffee

ABV: 9.2%

OG: 1.091

MALT: Pale, Chocolate, Crystal, Oats, Wheat, Roasted Barley

HOPS: Cascade, Nugget

YEAST: House

MISC: Lazy Sunday Boxwood Roasters Coffee, Peruvian Criollo Cacao Nibs, Belgian Chocolate