Covid-19 Info

Hours of Operation: 11am-7pm - Wednesday-Sunday


On our eCommerce store located at there is a section called Beer Pickup & Delivery where, depending on beer availability & packaging schedule, we will be offering a variety of 32oz crowler cans, 32oz & 64oz growler fills with new glass (no refilling allowed), and 16oz four packs of cans for contact-less pickup at the brewery. 

During the checkout process you will select the day and hourly time slot for your pickup.  We will manage these windows so we can try to keep the amount of people at any given time coming through on the low side.

If you feel so inclined, there is a product on the store called "Leave a Virtual Tip", that also gets allocated to our support staff. 

You will receive an email confirmation with this information for reference. 

When you arrive at the brewery, please stay in your car and give us a call at 973-507-9862.  We will let you know if you can take your turn at that point or need to wait a few minutes.  When it is your turn, you will walk up to the table that is setup outside of our main entrance, place your ID down and walk back 6ft. or more to wait.  Our gloved staff will check your license, look at your pretty face, and drop your beer on the table.  Once they walk a safe distance away you can pickup your beer.  Shortly after you will then receive an email from the system that your order has been fulfilled.  If you are sending someone else to pickup your order you need to reach out and let us know.  

We will not be offering support for any returns for goods purchases via Beer Pickup. 


As of right now we are not offering delivery service bu that could change any day.