Do you do rent your space for private events?

At this time, we do not rent our space out for private events during our open hours or otherwise.

Do you allow people to host gatherings?

We do support gatherings of up to 20 people during our open hours except for Saturday 2-4 since we are typically at capacity during that time. Our definition of a gathering is a group of adults convening to enjoy each other’s company, the community, the ambiance of the space and the beer. We do not reserve seating space, allow decorations like balloon, or allow catered food like platters & trays.

Is the brewery kid friendly?

We have kid friendly hours as follows: Thursday/Friday 4pm – 6pm, Saturday 12pm – 4pm, and Sunday 12pm – 4pm. Outside family hours it is adults only. These hours are subject to change with seasonality.  We always expect children to be accompanied, well behaved, clear of the handicapped entrance, and monitored responsibly. We currently only offer water for non-alcoholic refreshment. ID is required to purchase beer.

Do you sell food and/or allow food to be brought on premise?

With our license we are currently not allowed to sell food, but food can be brought in or ordered as delivery to the brewery. However, we don’t allow platters or buffet trays that take up exorbitant table space. Think snacks, personal meals and stackable pizza boxes. Carry in, carry out or throw out. Also, as per the state of NJ all food deliveries must be accepted outside.

Do you allow outside alcohol?

Absolutely not of any kind we can lose our license for this.

Are you handicap accessible?

Yes we have a handicap accessible ramp, service counter and bathroom facility.

Do you give tours?

Tours of the brewery are free of charge upon request. All first time visitors must review our brewing documentation and peak into the brewhouse as per NJ state law.

Do you allow dogs?

Unfortunately, we are inspected by the town as a food and beverage retailer, so we are not allowed to have animals in the serving area during operating hours nor does the state of NJ currently allow pets in breweries. We do recognize service animal permits.

What is your growler policy?

We sell & fill both 32-ounce and 64-ounce glassware. We also will fill growlers from other breweries. Due to our small production size we currently have a 64 ounce per person per beer limit and some beers at times may be restricted. Please keep an eye out on our website and social accounts for up to date info. Growler fills are for off premise consumption only. It is against the law to open a growler for drinking on premise and we can lose our license because of it.

Do you sell kegs to patrons?

Due to our small production size, we currently do not sell kegs to the public, but hope to in the future.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all debit and credit cards as well as Apple & Android Pay.

Are you you hiring or looking for volunteers?

We are not currently looking for volunteers and or hiring. In the future if this changes we will post the opportunities on our website and social media accounts.