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The fanny pack is fastened. Snug and bedazzled functional drip glistening in a sun whipped Route 22 afternoon. Slap-bracelet...THWAP! Umbros blowing in the wind and the Reebok hi-tops pumped up on max, cheek all packed with Big League about to get quarters deep into some hadouken bursts! Space-mountain, The Cyclone, Batman the Ride…ain’t got nada’ on the legendary spot. This funnel cake is all about the sweet and grainy carousel of Franco-Belges malt flavors sliced into highlights of Belgian yeast expression and riding it all down the flaked oat coaster. Notes of plum in fruity esters, subtle lemon, light sugar-like character, subtle yet complex hot weather suds for the hatch.

ABV: 5.9%



Swirl, sip, enjoy, repeat. The single hop train is a layin’ down some smooth ass track. Restin’ on our Loral’s we dropped the single variety dry hop smack down right here. Loral hops conduct the affairs. Bright summer hazed up IPA, citrus and grassy sub rhythms. Initial hit comes through with orange-ade, piffy citrus rind, light grapefruit. Pilsner, wheat and chit come through like sweet challah bread. Low bitterness keeps it all in check. Crushable light lemon square.

COLOR: Pale Straw

ABV: 5.4%

OG: 1.047

MISC: Wildflower Honey



COLOR: Papaya Whip

ABV: 9.5%

OG: 1.071

HOPS: Galaxy, Citra, Amarillo

YEAST: English



This is the hoppy little monkey, the hoppy little nugget, the hoppy bundle of joy inspired IPA. Brewed to celebrate “the kid”, Meli. Hi babe! Posted up on grain bags to tearin’ ass where she damn well pleases. Shoutin’ Pam! She is the princess in this castle, so we celebrate and hail! Love ya Frank Daddy and Mamma Mia! Featuring one of Franks darling combos, Mosaic & Belma this IPA is drinkable to the final drop and giving us a wildcard of berry flavors from foam, to nose to lips to the taste buds. Bouncy conveyance of malted oats, unmalted wheat & wheat flakes with pale malt mixed with New England blended yeast. Result is a dry-ish IPA with notes of blueberry preserve, strawberry seed, dough and candy boysenberry.

ABV: 6.9%

OG: 1.058

MALT: Pale, Pilsner, Oats, Munich

HOPS: Mosaic & Belma

YEAST: English



Confrontation 101, your hoppy lesson has begun. It’s time to, time to, get up. We’re straight killin’ it softly in Chatham Rock City. Stopped singin’ it and started bringin’ it. Malted oats, crystal oats, white wheat and blended pale malts lock horns with a wonkified dishing of El Dorado, Idaho Gem and Citra hops. Citric leaning with tempered malt sweetness. Notes of orange jolly rancher, gummy tangerine, clementine hard candy.

ABV: 6.9%

HOPS: El Dorado, Citra & Idaho Gem

YEAST: English



We’ve been saving this joint for a special occasion. Come clash with the titans. To the east, driver to the east. Funk doctor and the phenom, the clan and the squad assemble to bump this br-r-r-r-r stick 'em, ha-ha-ha stick 'em haze-matic hoppy po sessed IPA. Smell the dough we cookin’. Irish ale malt for old country context, North Cackakacky triticale, and some Anglo-Scottish crystal oats touch up and shape the malt base. This is homegrown for all the hoppy mammals, DDH of Citra, Mosaic and Vic Secret lift together and bump that juicy noise. Bright and sweet with notes of peach, nectarine, clementine, and mandarin orange juice.

ABV: 6.7%

MALT: Pale, Pilsner, Oats, Munich

HOPS: Citra, Mosaic & Vic Secret

YEAST: English



Yo...get infatuated. We’re tapping into that gorgeous haunting to make your heart grow fonder. Imperial Milk Porter, bred in English Maris Otter & UK Pale Malt, guttural punch of chocolate, roasted and honey malts socking the solar plexus. The technique to the crème brûlée breakdown is an injection of Ugandan vanilla beans and toasted Philippine coconut. Think about the embrace and get that mid-air coconut chocolate pudding cake indulged love massage crashing against the sweet tooth of your soul. Notes from the chocolate cauldron, pulverized cocoa and a chorus of smoky coffee, expanding with kinetic Mounds energy and vanilla bean possessed behind the eyes.

ABV: 9.5%

MISC: Toasted Coconut & Vanilla Bean

* Contains Lactose



Nature red in tooth and claw. The revival of the classic American Red is upon us and The Bleeder reigns supreme! There will be a new champion and his name will be Big Chuck! Burley, surely and heavy handed this Runyonesque red is guts and glory and nostalgia on two fronts for us! This is the liquified thrill of the fight, so square up with this dawg! Caramel sweetness and a hoppy bash of Citra, Ella, Cascade, and Chinook are face to face, tearing at the very fabric, hanging tough and staying hungry. Big, hoppy, bitter and sweet. Notes of pineapple and orange, citrus bitterness, pine and resinous hops, blonde coffee, sweet caramel.

ABV: 8.4%

MALT: Pale, Wheat, Crystal, Rye, Munich, & Dextrine

HOPS: Citra, Ella, Cascade & Chinook

SET THE VECTOR: (A7, B7, C7, D1)


STV is a revolving series of Saison-style beers, the bearing is usually a wrinkle free fabric of adjuncts, this version’s vector is dancin’ on torrifed wheat, chit malt, puffed red rice, flaked oats, barley flakes and American Pale malt. Mos Def and Pharoahe Monch said it the best, “The funk may fracture your nose.” This is that funky Dixie-land direction, Idaho 7 and Azacca hops are the force multiplier that give the isolated Saison strain magnitude and spicy, fruity elevated manifestation. Notes of grassy earth, kiwi, sweet pear with a tinge of lemon, some tart peach. Finishes dry and strong with funkdified Saison esters.

ABV: 7%

HOPS: Azacca & Idaho 7

YEAST: Saison



Take it on faith and take it to the heart this American Saison makes you wanna live how you wanna live. The heartlands, coast lines, bays, brooks, lakes, bayous, deserts and frontiers beer. The everyday on the block. Get nourished and get refreshed. We pour it simple and powerful. Chit and spelt provide the background drawl, but the trademark power chord is the Saison esters, smooth with some apple pie spice. Small dry hop of Crystal, Nugget and Cascade hops running down a dry forest of earth, grapefruit and woody mint.

COLOR: Morning Farm

ABV: 6.8%

OG: 1.058

HOPS: Cascade, Crystal, CTZ, Nugget

YEAST: House Saison



There is some internal debate as to who is the OG furry but we know the grim dog and snuffel kick it on the same block. Purple, plush and jolly, full bodied American wheat style base: pale German wheat, Epiphany malted triticale (a love child of wheat and rye), and un-malted wheat. Fermented with Kolschbier yeast, stepped dow slowly and cold conditioned on blueberry puree and shredded lemon peel. He is grimace and he is rock n’ roll so get your glass full to the brim with grim. Notes of blueberry iced tea, honey and dough, bitter lemon peel.

ABV: 4.9%

HOPS: Hallertauer Mittelfruh, Lemondrop, Saaz, Grungeist, Sterling

MISC: Blueberry



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Freshness & Variety Enjoyed Locally

Twin Elephant Brewing Company's vision is to offer an extremely fresh variety of high quality, handcrafted ales and lagers brewed mindfully with locally sourced ingredients when available. Our portfolio of beers are not restricted in style or flavor but will have a decided focus on all the classic styles that we have enjoyed drinking for a decade and a half. Our vision is for our patrons to enjoy these unique local beers in a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere that augments their tasting experience and to share their thoughts with each other as well as us so we can continually improve.

Twin Elephant Brewing Company is founded by three partners with the dream of turning their passion for brewing craft beers into an exciting shared adventure with the local community. Scott McLuskey & Tim Besecker have been homebrewing together for over 10 years starting, like most folks do, in the garage and for the last 5 years Cindy DeRama has joined the crew with a proclivity for recipe formulation using unique ingredients. Throughout the years we have honed our craft, learning and practicing the artistry and science of brewing. All three of us have entrepreneurial experience through both education and acting as key cogs in several small businesses throughout the years.