Honey Knuckles - 32 oz. Crowler Fill

Honey Knuckles - 32 oz. Crowler Fill

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Honey Blonde | 5.1% ABV

There’s only one way to bust up out the honeypot...With our two pollen dolloped fists...sweet & justice. Respect the drip. Clean, sweet, golden base of Michigan grown pale ale malt conditioned on Acacia honey. Creamy, smooth, low bitterness, dry but lingeringly sweet. Aromas of dark honey, pineapple cake, honeycomb cereal, sunshine and nectarness.



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  • I think the crowler question may be more around how long does beer stay fresh in a sealed crowler? Also you guys rock!

    You are correct just updated the answer :).

  • How long do crowlers last? Thanks for making them available and all you are doing.

    Not sure first time doing it :).  It will depend on the beer volume and popularity.  We will work towards getting the amount availabe to show on the product page.

    Also, may have misunderstood your question :).  If you are asking how long they stay fresh in the can, these must be kept stored cold with peak freshness 2-3 days but will be ok in the fridge for a week.