Baron Von Slamminhausen - 1/6 Keg

Baron Von Slamminhausen - 1/6 Keg

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Keller Helles Lager | 5.0%

The Baron has arrived. AKA Dirk Diggler, AKA Admiral von Slamminstein. Get suds up with some German style Keller Helles Lager released from our "Keller Vault." Brewed smooth to please the Hansel and Gretel in each and all of you. If you hold it up close we swear you can hear the echoes of the beer hall. And smell wafts of giant pretzels, the malthouse and fields and hop flower garlands. There's a simple and harmonious beauty in this beer. The malt, the hops, the body, the carbonation come together in an uncomplicated and unchallenging way to be beer you want to drink lots of.


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