Bayonne Bleeder - 32 oz. Crowler Fill

Bayonne Bleeder - 32 oz. Crowler Fill

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American Red  | 7.4% | Falconer's Flight, Simcoe, Idaho 7 & Amarillo 

Nature red in tooth and claw. We only need one badass Hoppy American Red in our lineup and his name is Big Chuck. Smooth and clean grainy base dipped into Belgian candi syrup and dosed with a heavy hand of Falconers Flight, Simcoe, Idaho 7 & Amarillo. Smells like toasted croissants, lemon, floral grapefruit. Tastes like the dankness of the 7 C’s, grapefruit, dark berries glazed in roasted honey, grilled tropical fruits & rum raisin desserts. 


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