HUMBLE BEGINNINGS | American Pale Ale | 5.6%

HUMBLE BEGINNINGS | American Pale Ale | 5.6%

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American Pale Ale | 5.6% ABV | Citra, Cashmere, CTZ & Cascade Cryo

We stay humble through opportunity and what better way than brewing homage to the goat, the pale ale the started it all for most. What goes around comes around and what goes down goes down. Tell your lips something good by going bangarang on this west coast style pale ale. Orange pour of Cascade Cryo, Citra & Cashmere hops gets your head right and your bounce on. Smells like grapefruit candy, dried mango, orange hi chew, watermelon jolly rancher. Tastes lemon rinds, juices and resins, white grapefruit candy, melon and toasted malt.


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