I'M SEEIN' ROBOTS | American IPA | 6.8%

I'M SEEIN' ROBOTS | American IPA | 6.8%

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American IPA | 6.8% ABV | El Dorado, Strata, Sabro & Huell Melon

Rolled out under the finna’ get zero fux moniker. Straight fitted IPA w/ oats and Strata hops livin’ astro, twerking upside down wrapping up a dusty funk of Sabro hops and feelin’ the vibin’ of a cortex suplex of Heull Melon & El Dorado hops. So mug up, this is fuel for the creators, the ponderers, a study in straight hopulrgy. Soft in the middle, bitter ends. Smells like vanilla tea, coconut, melon and mango purees. Tastes like passionfruit, white wine, gummi peach rings, mango-tinted sweetness, watermelon ice cream and lemony tropical terpenes.



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