JUICY BUSEY | Hoppy Saison | 7.8%

JUICY BUSEY | Hoppy Saison | 7.8%

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Hoppy Saison | 7.8% ABV | Citra & Rakau

Tell em’ Chet Steadmans’ on the mound. This guy is like Leatherface, Chucky and Jan Brady all rolled into one. The mission here was to... 

A.Craft a bad ass Saison dripping with tropical hoppy goodness.  

B.Have it slug like one our house IPAs.

C. Coax the most fruit forward esters from one of favorite strains to grab the hoppy beast by its tail.

Smooth and bold, semi-dry with soft malty folds. Smells like cotton candy, lemon runts, grapefruit. Tastes like peaches, fizzy passionfruit, pomelo with a bend of white pepper.


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