Lil' Shimmy Ye' - Four Pack

Lil' Shimmy Ye' - Four Pack

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American APA | 5.8% ABV | Citra, Mosaic & Belma

An oatted up American Pale Ale, electric dirt, sticky and soft. Apricot pulp and honeydew melon nectar. An eclectic heirloom grist gives a wrinkle of crackery biscuit malt, just ‘nuff to let an ewey dewey combo of Belma, Citra and Mosaic hops pop, bright and dank.


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  • Can I also order on my wife’s card and pick up both orders??

    Yes proxy pickups are allowed if give us a heads up.

  • How do I pay with a gift card?

    Unfortunately our online store (Shopify) is not setup yet to pay with gift cards since we were selling them in taproom through a different service connect to our POS system clover.