MAD LOVE | Saison Rouge | 7.2%

MAD LOVE | Saison Rouge | 7.2%

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Saison Rouge | 7.2% ABV

Welcome Saisoniers. We’re pouring liquid love built by warehouse farmers. The Love is kissed with some amber Belgian candi syrup and pours a beautifully orange hue. Shaped with oats, wheat and rye. Loaded with Citra and Huell Melon hops on the hot side. The nose smells of banana, light raisin, pear tea, citrus peel, apple pie, cherry grape bubblegum. On the palate a light stone fruit caramel carries upfront but gives way to banana breads, plum, dried cherries, pepper and clove. We love the smooth mid body and complex nature of this beer, ending relatively dry as it should.


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