MOTLEY LOU | Hoppy Saison | 8.5%

MOTLEY LOU | Hoppy Saison | 8.5%

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Hoppy Saison | 8.5% ABV | Belma, Simcoe & Mosaic

I hope you know we pack a chainsaw. Hell yeahs and east coast hoppy pours. Built some country loaf with German pilsner, domestic pale and North Carolina grown triticale. Juiced the engines with three saison strains and an all day DH of Belma, Mosaic and Simcoe. Dry on the exhale, wiggles and wobbles with a juicy stretch mid-sip, fruity pulses dancin’ up in the finish. Smells like guava, dried apricots, vanilla, oaked chardonnay. Tastes like OJ, white grapefruit, orange candy.


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