Nosh: Citra & Hallertau Blanc - Four Pack

Nosh: Citra & Hallertau Blanc - Four Pack

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American IPA | 7.2% ABV | Citra & Hallertau Blanc

Spin dials, turn knobs…insert new hops into the skull. Pours down like honey. These two hops are drawn to each other, we are but providers of the hazy vessel. Smells like orange creamsicle, grass, mango spritz & lilac. Tastes like orange Julius with a splash of passionfruit and grapefruit juice cocktail, little pine and some grippy orange pith.


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  • Can I buy cans and pick up 2 days after purchase? Thanks Bill Bensch


    Yes there is a 7 day window.

  • Do you/ could you/ if you could would you ship out of state?

    Unfortunately we aren't legally allowed to sell direct to consumer and ship out of state.