Nosh: Citra & Mega Motueka - Four Pack

Nosh: Citra & Mega Motueka - Four Pack

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American IPA | 6.7% ABV | Citra & Mega Motueka

Here is your minion, without fathom 💀 Spin dials, turn knobs & insert new hops into the skull. We're on a mission from god to get you following your noses. This here batch of Noshers is lightning up olfactory receptors.  Paired the old stalwart Citra with some Mega Motueka from the good folks @freestylehops. Results unearthed a fervently tropical pastiche quite at home in this New England base, soft and sticky, bright and light. Wafts of POG juice, passionfruit syrup, and grapes. Taste is similar, carrying some bitter citrus into guava, pomace and passionfruit.


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