Nosh: Citra & Strata - Four Pack

Nosh: Citra & Strata - Four Pack

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American IPA | 6.5% ABV | Citra & Strata

Hazy golden pours letting you know what’s juicy with it. We’re discovering something a little sweeter this goes arounds. So swirl, sip, enjoy, repeat. Digging the body and texture left behind from a spelt dominant grist with the insatiable twist up of sugary tropical fruits and melons up front. Bends into a dab of resin interference and washes away dank, into fruity pebbles. Smells like lemon cake, lavender, orange juice concentrate. Tastes like cantaloupe, honeydew, ripe mango drink, orange granola muffin, orange buds and sweet pink grapefruit.


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