Nosh: Mosaic & Idaho 7 - 32 oz. Crowler Fill

Nosh: Mosaic & Idaho 7 - 32 oz. Crowler Fill

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American IPA | 7.2% ABV | Mosaic & Idaho 7 | Swirl, sip, enjoy, repeat.

All day er’day IPA. Two American beauties turning up highly saturated oils & gettin’ drizzly with a base of bright American pilsner and soft doughy American white wheat. All growing into a seriously devour-able slam time guzzler. Really diggin’ the chameleon nature of Mosaic matched with a similarly versatile and ever expanding flavor-a-delics of Idaho 7. Smells like red grapefruit, a basket of exotic tropical fruits and a hushed dankness. Tastes like blueberries, passionfruit, puloped OJ and a whip of the devil’s cabbage.


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