Three Summers Strong - 32 oz. Crowler Fill

Three Summers Strong - 32 oz. Crowler Fill

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American IPA | 6.8% ABV | Nelson Sauvin, Enigma & Simcoe Cryo

Forever and counting the feels on this smooth little crusher.  As for tasting notes, we'd say this beer has it all with a diverse grain bill of oat flakes, crystal oat malt, pilsner, multiple differently kilned 2-Row malts & flaked barley as well as some milk sugar which all creates a beautiful background for the diversity of Nelson Sauvin & Enigma hops as well as the comforting dankness of Simcoe hops.  All showcasing characteristics of Muscat & Semillon white wine grapes, sweet crane melon, red gooseberries, & ripe tropical passion fruit & purple jaboticaba.  Trust your gut before our word.


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