TUFTY | Pub Ale | 5.4%

TUFTY | Pub Ale | 5.4%

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Pub Ale  | 5.4%

You’re looking at it bruv. We’re kicking it homie to homie, bugger to chap with that companion to the pub. First pint refreshments. Fash-i-owned not for sipping but for drinking, our pub ale is reminiscent of an English style-special bitter but made smoove and poetically complex with some house favorite malts: lightly toasted English spring malt, caramelized crystal oats, red rye, torrified wheat & honey malt. Balanced bitterness and fragrance from Willamette hops and a touch of fruity fermentation character from English yeast blossom in the furrows. Smells like navel oranges, spice cake, cooked pudding pie. Tastes like warm bread, linzer cookies, candied hazelnuts, stone fruit jam, orange blossom honey, little rum raisin.


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